About Us

Chromatic Agency is a collaborative project between architectural designer Sandy Rompotiyoke and artist nnull that focuses on decolonising space and reclaiming agency. Our work investigates how political structures and value systems inform how we engage with material cultures, landscapes and ecology. We are primarily positioned against economic issues of capitalism, colonialism and neoliberalism and structural issues of modernism.

We want to reframe issues of social and environmental injustice in order to liberate us from the value systems that constrain our imagination for change. The aim is to diversify the ways that the general public can engage with and express change as a means of strengthening democratic resilience. We always ensure we situate our work within activist efforts, honouring existing efforts, and ensure that our work contributes to pathways for actionable change.

Who we are

Sandy Rompotiyoke AADipl, ARB / RIBA Part 3


Sandy is a South-East Asian practicing architect, interdisciplinary writer, and spatial artist, working across disciplines of landscape urbanism and sociopolitical cartography. Her work underpin long-term ecological resilience and democratizing public stewardship in our built environment. Some of her ongoing research examines contemporary environmental recovery, care, and justice, including the sustainability methodology and local biodiversity conservation. She has co-launched a collaborative platform with Greenpeace SEA for waste remedial literacy in the tires, latex and plastic industry and public reclamations of abandoned wetlands in Thailand. 

Sandy has an extensive professional experience in sustainable masterplan design and implementing strategic green infrastructure with the UK local authorities. Her most recent work includes the delivery of two new major parks within the post-industrial development site at Meridian Water, and grassroot public realm co-design workshops with local communities and young people across London.

︎ sandy@chromatic-agency.com

Toby (nnull) AADipl RIBA / ARB Part 2, AFHEA


Toby is a multidisciplinary artist, researcher and an associate lecturer at London College of Communication. He works across several disciplines, operating across the cultural, research and human rights sectors. He writes, makes films, teaches and performs open source investigations (OSINT) as part of his practice. As a transgender migrant, much of his work is autobiographical, journaling his experiences and the broader politics at play. He draws inspiration from documents, maps, archival information that act as readings of how hegemonic modes of assigning value, identities and politics operate. The aim of his work is to interrogate how inequality is systematically constructed, to affirm the experiences of those who face injustice and to promote a more equitable world by any means possible. He works under a pseudonym to protect his identity as he faces persecution in his country of origin.

︎ toby@chromatic-agency.com